Wine varieties produced by Senator Wine

Senator Wine has vineyards in 4 major vine-growing areas from Romania: Tirol, Husi, Vrancea (Cotesti, Odobesti and Panciu) and Insuratei.

The strategy of the company was to produce wine by bringing out the fingerprint of the terroir and of the local spirit on international varieties and to offer a wide possibility of expression for the Romanian varieties.

At the moment, in the company’s portfolio are over 20 wine varieties, from which we mention:

Feteasca Neagra
Feteasca Alba
Feteasca Regala
Babeasca Neagra
Babeasca Gri
Zghihara de Husi
Tamaioasa Romaneasca
Busuioaca de Bohotin
Cabernet Sauvignon
Sauvignon Blanc
Riesling Italico
Muscat Ottonel

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